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Read About the Tradition of the Wedding Ring
gold wedding bands14K Gold
The most traditional wedding band metal - always a classic.
14K gold is generally considered to be the ideal karat gold for rings and wedding bands because it is strong yet will not easily tarnish.  It is still the most popular of all the gold wedding bands sold in the United States, whether yellow gold or white gold.  14K Yellow Gold has a good yellow color for those wanting yellow bands instead of white and when choosing the best karat gold for wedding bands based on all-around beauty and practicality, 14K gold can’t be beat.
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platinum wedding bandsPlatinum 
The most valuable wedding band metal.  Luster, sheen, durability, beautiful custom designs...Platinum has it all!
Platinum is naturally white.  Platinum is very durable and typically outlasts gold by many years.  Platinum is also one of the heaviest metals, weighing almost 60% more than 14K gold.  This property gives platinum jewelry the substantial feel that many people prefer.  However, care and maintenance of Platinum is a bit more demanding than gold is.  No jewelry is completely resistant to scratches, and Platinum is no exception.  Often times Platinum loses its new look a bit more rapidly than gold, but with proper care can retain its new look.  Unlike Gold which is easily restored to a like-new appearance with just a few minutes of polishing and cleaning, Platinum is more difficult to polish and refinish than gold.  The result is that Platinum is very beautiful when maintained, but maintaining it can be a bit more time-consuming and costly than gold.
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stainless steel wedding bandsStainless Steel 
The image of ultimate manhood!  A friend to the environment!
The same metal used to forge swords - tough and manly!  Stainless steel will never corrode.  Strong, beautiful and affordable.
Stainless Steel wedding bands are a great inexpensive alternative to the other contemporary metals.  Stainless steel is very durable, keeps a good polish and is very affordable.  Stainless Steel wedding bands are for the strong un-pretentious meat and potatoes man.  If you are looking for a stainless steel ring, you should keep your personal style in mind as these rings will last a lifetime.
Stainless Steel jewelry is hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear.
stainless steel wedding bands are an environmently friendly green choice for wedding ringsStainless Steel wedding bands are the most eco-friendly choice - the production of stainless steel uses a lot less waste and energy than other metals.  (Read More.)
After years of wear, a stainless steel ring may its original polish.  A professional polish can restore a Stainless Steel wedding band to its original look.
Re-sizing and repair of Stainless Steel rings is virtually impossible - take time to correctly size your finger.

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sterling silver wedding band set, yes we can get sterling silver and cubic zirconia bridal setsSterling Silver 
Lots of styles!
Silver is the most reflective of the precious metals and a polished finish on a simple silver band showcases the metal's beauty.  It is a very cost-effective alternative wedding band choice.  As a matter of fact, Bud has more than a dozen sterling silver wedding bands - he likes to wear different styles, he does not have to worry about loosing his expensive gold wedding band while traveling (as a matter of fact, he has lost a couple of the silver bands while traveling out of the big deal, he has more or it is not cost-prohibitive to replace a silver wedding band.
Read more about Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver will tarnish!  It requires care and maintenance - the good news...this is easy and affordable.
Sterling Silver can be re-sized but it just never looks very nice, you will always be able to see the jeweler's work...that is if you are able to find someone who will attempt to do the work for you.  Be sure to purchase your ring in the correct ring size.
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titanium wedding bandsTitanium 
The toughest metal out there!  It will last forever!  The hottest wedding band metal right now!
Titanium's unique properties make it an excellent choice for a wedding band, although it's very different than gold or platinum.  It is a very lightweight metal, almost like aluminum, weighing only 1/3 as much as gold.  Many people prefer this light feel because they hardly notice they are wearing a titanium ring at all.  The grayish color is close to white, but a few shades darker than platinum and white gold, more like the color of stainless steel, or gun-metal gray.
Titanium is not a rare or precious metal, it is readily available to those who want to use it in any industry.  Most of the cost in making a titanium ring is in the skilled labor to craft the ring from such a hard metal.  Titanium rings are constructed from solid bars of titanium, which results in a perfectly seamless ring.  Titanium will not irritate or discolor your skin and will not harm the body in any way.  Titanium is used in the medical and dental fields in surgical implants, bone screws, hip replacements, heart valves and more.  Titanium rings are superior in durability to precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.  A Titanium ring may long outlive the wearer.  Bud has a Titanium hip!

Titanium is often marketed as being scratch-resistant but with normal wear, titanium wedding bands will quickly begin to show small scrapes and scratches just like gold and platinum wedding bands.  Although titanium is a very hard and durable metal, it can still be scratched by abrasive materials like rocks, sandpaper, and even hardened steel tools and utensils.  The good news is any jeweler in your area should be able to make your titanium ring look new again with a little polishing.  Titanium rings look great and have a nice shine when they have been polished.  Due to the incredible strength and durability of titanium, it is difficult to cut and shape compared to gold, silver and platinum.  This means re-sizing of Titanium rings is nearly impossible (except for our line of Heavy Stone Rings®); therefore, great care must be taken when sizing your finger.

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tungsten wedding bandsTungsten Carbide ($35 and up)
Up and coming high tech metal wedding trend!  The look of Titanium with the softness of Gold.
Tungsten is a very hard and dense metal, mined from Wolframite ore and symbolized by a (W) on the periodic table of elements.  It melts at an extraordinary 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit–the highest melting point of all metals.  On its own, tungsten is vulnerable to scratches and damage just like any other metal, such as titanium and steel.  Tungsten does not gain its extreme hardness until it is combined with a carbon alloy, transferring it into tungsten carbide (WC) with a hardness between 8.5 and 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Tungsten carbide is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel, is virtually un-scratchable, and has been widely used for decades in industrial applications such as cutting tools, mining machinery, and rocket engine nozzles.
The unique formula of tungsten carbide allows wedding rings to be both visually stunning and durable enough for every-day use.  You are no longer required to constantly remove and replace your ring in order to protect its finish.  Tungsten carbide can only be scratched or damaged by extreme measures, like abrasion from diamonds or corundum.
The color of tungsten carbide is a very appealing light gray, similar to the color of steel.  It is extremely bright and reflective when polished, and when a finish is applied to a tungsten carbide wedding band, the gray is more pronounced, allowing wonderful contrasts for traditional or contemporary designs.  The subtle gray color is also an excellent backdrop for precious metal inlays like platinum, palladium, sterling silver, and gold.
Tungsten rings can not be resized (except for our line of Heavy Stone Rings®) - take time to correctly size your finger.
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Cobalt Chrome
Cobalt rings are made from a unique alloy blend that consists of cobalt and other substances to offer a bright white alternative metal.  It will never need plating and is so white it is often compared to platinum in color.  Since the bright white color isn’t just a plating, Cobalt Chrome wedding bands will stay white forever.
It is strong, hard, light weight, and corrosion-resistant - used extensively in the medical field.  Its platinum-look differentiates it from both tungsten and titanium.  Unlike platinum however, Cobalt chrome is very scratch-resistant.  It is more scratch resistant than titanium, but not quite as hard as tungsten.  Cobalt chrome wedding rings will not chip, corrode, or crack.
The luster and finish will not fade or tarnish in any way.  Cobalt can be polished as you would a platinum ring.
Cobalt is hypoallergenic and biocompatible (natural and well-tolerated by the human body).
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zirconium wedding bands ringsZirconium 
Zirconium is a unique metal.  Exotic.  Advanced.  When oxidized, it is as hard as sapphireTough, durable, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic.  Zirconium has been used in high-tech military applications for years.  The beautiful black color is permanent - it will never fade or dull.
Zirconium in its pure form is a gray-white shiny metal, resembling Titanium in appearance.  Black Zirconium has a mirror-like finish.  It's deep black glossy color is very sleek, modern, and stylish.
Black Zirconium wedding bands are heavier than Titanium but lighter than Tungsten.
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black ceramic wedding bandsHave you heard of Black Ceramic Wedding Bands?
carbon fiber wedding ringsHave you heard of Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands?
May, 2010 Announcement:  We are extremely proud to now be a Heavy Stone Rings® distributor!  Made in the USA!  Unsurpassed Quality!  Lifetime Warranty!  Free Sizing!  Engraving!  Read more...
Read more about wedding rings.
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Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your wedding band order (please read more).
Each wedding band order is a custom order - no returns, no refunds.  Please ask questions and request additional information before you place your order.
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