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The most effective way to preserve your jewelry is by keeping it out of harm's way!  No, we can't completely shield our jewelry from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives; however, we can keep our jewelry beautiful just by limiting its exposure to certain conditions!
Our daily hygiene is good for us, bad for our jewelry.
do not expose your jewelry to cosmetics such as perfume, lotion, hair spray, etc.Lotions, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Hairsprays...
Daily grooming exposes our jewelry to chemicals that can leave a residue or dull film that is very difficult, or even impossible, to remove.  To avoid this, remove your jewelry BEFORE bathing.
Put your jewelry on AFTER you have put on lotion, perfume, cosmetics and hair products (mousse, gel, hairspray, etc.).
Think of your jewelry as the Finishing Touch.
remove your jewelry for household cleaning chores such as dish washing and other cleaning choresHousehold Chores...
Take your jewelry off to avoid scratches.  It is possible for jewelry to get caught on power tools and cause serious injury.  Household cleaners can scratch your jewelry and leave build-up that is almost impossible to remove.  Especially avoid chlorine bleach.
Remove jewelry before gardening, too.
keep your jewelry dry Water...
Use water to help clean your jewelry - just be sure to thoroughly dry your jewelry after exposing it to water.   Moisture, especially in an enclosed storage space, will tarnish sterling silver, loosen jeweler cement (used for stone setting) and weaken springs and clasps.
Remove jewelry before swimming.  The water can loosen the gemstone settings.  Chlorine in pools can damage stones and metals.
avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperaturesExtreme Temperatures...
Keep your jewelry away from excessive exposure to the Sun or cold.  Extreme heat can damage the jeweler cement (can cause the loss of stones), fade gemstones, damage pearls and marcasite.  Severe cold can cause thermal shock and fracture some gemstones.  Never leave your jewelry near a heat vent, window sill or the dashboard of a car.
be sure to properly store your jewelryProper Storage of Your Jewelry...
Space...Give each piece of jewelry its own space.  You can use compartments in a jewelry box or separate containers.  Metal can scratch and scuff other metal.  When gemstones and metals come in contact with each other, luster can be destroyed.  Gemstones can scratch each other, too.  If you prefer to keep all of your jewelry together in one big jewelry box, place each individual piece in a pouch or a sealed plastic bag.
Clasps...For bracelets or necklaces, hang them on hooks or fasten the clasp when storing to prevent tangling.
Dry, Dry, Dry...Very important!  Dry your jewelry thoroughly before placing it in an enclosed space.  This will help prevent tarnish, clasp weakening and water damage to certain gemstones.

Sterling Silver

Read About Sterling Silver
What causes tarnish?
Since the Industrial Revolution, tarnishing of sterling silver is a natural process.  This is a result of the oxidation of the metal.  Our precious metals are under constant attack by atmospheric pollutants during the manufacturing process, time in storage, transit, use and display.
Of particular concern for sterling silver jewelry is hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2).  Air pollution, petroleum products, fossil fuel combustion and natural sulfate breakdown are the culprits of corrosion, tarnishing and discoloration of metals.
To polish sterling silver, there are many options: a polishing cloth, commercial polish cream or spray, polishing dips.  Check out our products!
Is there anything to prevent future tarnish?  Absolutely!  Check these products out...
3M Tarni-Shield(TM) Protectors - packet of 10 2"x5" strips
3M Tarni-Shield™ Protectors (Anti-Tarnish Strips)
anti-tarnish paper squares
E'arrs® Anti-Tarnish Squares™
anti-tarnish silver jewelry storage bags
Hagerty® Tarnish Intercept Jewelry Bags
Use these anti-tarnish bags to keep jewelry, beads and more!  Show here with small beads inside.
Tite-lip™ Anti-Tarnish Bags
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