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Sparkling Swarovski Crystals
We use only Swarovski™ crystal in our hand-crafted wedding jewelry pieces.
The Swarovski™ crystal bead company uses only high lead content crystal glass, typically a full thirty-two percent of the glass is lead and lead oxide. The presence of the lead increases the index of refraction (ability to bend light), bringing it closer to that of a diamond. The sparkle comes from light bouncing off internal surfaces in the lead crystal. Precision glass cutting causes the light to reflect internally. This internal reflection results in sparkle as the glass is tilted, adding to its beauty and to the beauty of your jewelry. Swarovski™ crystal has the most attractive sparkle is recognized as the premiere crystal to use in jewelry-making.
Daniel Swarovski established the company in 1895, shortly after his invention of an automatic cutting machine.  These precision-cut lead crystals were (and still are) made as a luxury good in the form of beads, pendants, miniatures, chandeliers and the like.  Swarovski crystal contains approximately 32% lead to maximize light refraction.
During the 1950's, Swarovski™ made advances in the development of its crystal production.  Swarovski™ experimented with manufacturing processes in which the stones were coated with wafer thin metal particles in order to increase their sparkle. This process required the material to be steamed in a vacuum.  In 1956, Manfred Swarovski - the grandson of the company's founder - created the "Aurora Borealis (AB)" affect which shimmered in every color of the rainbow.
To this day, Swarovski™ continues to demand the highest possible quality of their crystal products to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market.  Swarovski™ are incredibly secretive about their processes - even their manufacturing workers do not see what other workers are doing so that they cannot share any secrets.
Let's start with the color spectrum and organize our color chart from that:
Specializing in unique bridal, Swarovski crystal, Illusion crystal, and Calla Lily crystal jewelry. We offer sterling silver cuff links, birthstone and cake charms, and ornament hangers for all occasions.
Violets Blues Greens Yellow/Ambers Oranges Reds Pinks Light Brown/Beiges/Dark Browns
Clear Crystal and Crystal AB
Black and White
Swarovski crystal sizes - not all colors and shapes are available in all sizes - email us for questions.
3mm and 4mm are close to 1/8", 5mm is approx. 3/16", 6mm is approx. 1/4", 8mm is approx. 5/16", 10mm is approx. 3/8"

Clear Swarovski(TM) Crystal

No color - reflects light

Crystal AB Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Clear crystal wtih AB coating on one side - reflects color like a prism (rainbow)

Crystal Moonlight Swarovski(TM) Crystal

No added color or white, just sparkle coated


Alexandrite Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Color-change crystal - changes from lavender to light blue

Amethyst Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Deep purple color

Lilac Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Medium purple color

Light Amethyst Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light lavender color

Purple Velvet Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Deep purple color

Tanzanite Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Medium purple/blue color

Violet Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light orchid color

Violet Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Opaque light orchid color

Crystal Heliotrope Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Purples finish

Cyclamen Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Combines purple and fuchsia hues with a soft opalescence finish. A spectacular color-play of amethyst purple and baby pink shades mingle with a tinge of blue and a flicker of yellow.

Provence Lavender Swarovski (TM) Crystal

New for Spring/Summer 2010 - named after the Lavender Fields in France, pale violet hue with a touch of blue


Aquamarine Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light aqua color

Light Sapphire Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light sky blue color

Indian Sapphire Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light denim blue color

Light Azore Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Very light blue

Air Blue Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light tranquil blue. The color of the sky. Opalescent with soft white sheen.

Caribbean Blue Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Bright blue opalescent translucent color

Capri Blue Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Ocean blue

Blue Zircon Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Teal blue color

Indicolite Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Cyan (blue/green) color

Pacific Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Opaque blue

Montana Blue Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Gray/blue color

Sapphire Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Medium-dark blue color

Dark Sapphire Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Navy blue color

Crystal Bermuda Blue Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Blue finish - looks like a tropical beach

Dark Indigo Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Deep dark blue. The color is a rich and "shadowy" blue.

Denim Blue Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Coming for Winter 2012-2013! Like a classic pair of your favorite relaxed jeans. Translucent blue with silver and grey undertones.


Chrysolite Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Very light green color

Cantaloupe Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Color change crystal - changes from melon light green to peach-like catnaloupe with a gray overtone

Erinite Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Sage (moss) green

Peridot Swaovski(TM) Crystal

Bright green

Emerald Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Medium green color

Khaki Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Olivine Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Olive green

Mint Alabaster Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Cool, opaque, vintage-look

Palace Green Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Emerald green tones with a soft opalescent glow

Fern Green Swarovski (TM) Crystal

New for Spring/Summer 2010 - the color is between Periodot and Emerald, a true grass green



Crystal Champagne Swarovski (TM) Crystal


Crystal Brandy Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Golden light amber sheen.

Jonquil Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Butter/buttercup light yellow color.

Light Peach Swarovski(TM) Crystal


Light Smoked Topaz Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Medium brown with warm golden tone.

Lime Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Yellow and amber color.

Sand Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Like a sparkling sandy beach with a golden glow.

Sunflower Swarovski(TM) Crtstal

New for 2011! Rich yellow sunshine hue.


Hyacinth Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Bright orange color.

Fire Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal



Indian Red Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Medium brick red/"burned" orange color

Burgundy Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Muted red/purple color

Garnet Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Dark burgundy red

Ruby Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Purple-pink color

Siam Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Cherry/rose red color

Light Siam Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Bright red

Dark Red Coral Swarovski(TM) Crystal

A special color treatment causes rich opaque color tones to vary in each crystal bead to resemble the look of real coral.

Crystal Red Magma Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Deep cognac - soft and warm


Fuchsia Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Deep pink/purple color

Rose Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Transparent pink color

Padparadscha Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Coral/salmon color

Light Rose Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light pink color

Rose Alabaster Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Opaque pink

Vintage Rose Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Delicate peach/rose

Rose Water Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Translucent, warm and femine

Indian Pink Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light and energetic - this pink crystal relects and refracts light rays with an intense saturated pink color.

Crystal Antique Pink Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Coming in winter 2012-2013! Blush pink hue with a touch of amethyst.

Light Brown/Beiges/Dark Browns:

Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light brown

Golden Shadow Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light taupe color

Mocca Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Like a full-bodied French roast coffee

Smoked Topaz Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Medium brown

Topaz Swarovki(TM) Crystal

Fall brown color


Light Grey Opal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Neutral color with a subtle opalescence.

Crystal Silver Shade Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Light silver color

Crystal Vitrail Medium Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Transparent silver/gray with irridescent finish.

Crystal Volcano Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Silver finish

Black Diamond Swarovski(TM) Crystal


Rosaline Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Silvery rose color.

Greige Swarovski(TM) Crystal

New in 2010. The color of un-dyed or un-bleached silk. Subtle smoky color.

Crystal Silver Night Swarovski(TM) Crystal

New for 2011! Translucent silver finish with dual looks - one side has an opaque metal finish and one side has a titanium-like hue.

Black and White:

Jet Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Opaque black.

Whiteopal Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Translucent milky white color.


Crystal Aurum Swarovski(TM) Crystal


Crystal Copper Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Copper tone with metallic highlights, pink auras and crystalline transparency

Crystal Dorado Swarovski(TM) Crystal


Crystal Roasline Gold Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Delicate pink on one side and gold on the other side

Crystal Rose Gold Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Warm golden and rosy pink tones - lighter than copper

Metallic Light Gold Swarovski(TM) Crystal

Rich and warm metallic tone. Precious metal-looking metallic effect. Soft sheen. Gold against a dark titanium hue.

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