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Did you know there are specific flowers connected with Birth months? Oh yes, part of the language of flowers.
Each birth month has a flower associated with it - just as we have a stone associated with each month (read About Birthstones).
Each pair of sterling silver birth month Frenchwire earrings is approximately 1 inch long.  They are very dainty, but the detail of each flower is so pretty!  They come on an illustrated earring card with the name of the month, flower name and color picture and what each flower represents.  A great birthday gift!
sterling silver january carnation birth month earrings January (Carnation) Birth Month Earrings
january birth month flowers - carnations About the Carnation...
Carnations express happiness, love, fascination, admiration, distinction and affection.  A white carnation indicates pure love and good luck.  A dark red carnation is for deep love and affection.  A light red carnation represents admiration.  A striped carnation is a regret that love cannot be shared.
According to Christian legend, carnations first appeared as Jesus carried the cross.  His mother, Mary, shed tears and carnations sprang up where her tears fell.  The pink carnation became the symbol of a mother' love.  In 1907, the pink carnation started to be observed as the emblem for Mother's Day in May.

sterling silver february violet birth month flower earrings February (Violet) Birth Month Earrings
february birth month flower - violets About the Violet...
Napoleon I (the "Little Corporal" French Emperor) loved violets.  Josephine wore them on their wedding day and he sent her a bouquet of violets for every anniversary.  Before he was exiled in 1814 to St. Helena, he requested to visit Josephine's tomb.  He picked violets that were growing there.  When he died in 1821, these violets were found in a locket he wore around his neck.
According to Greek legend, Zeus loved a nymph names Lo.  Zeus turned her into a cow to hide her from his wife, Hera.  Lo wept over the taste of the grass and Zeus changed her tears into dainty sweet-smelling violets that only she could eat.
In Roman mythology, Cupid judged lovely maidens of antiquity more beautiful than his mother, Venus.  In a jealous wrath, Venus beat the maidens until they became blue and turned into violets.
If you dream of violets, it means you are at a place of advancement in your life.  Give violets as a good luck gift.  Violets are a symbol of faithfulness, constancy, modesty and happiness.  Blue violets symbolize "I'll always be true".  White violets depict purity and modesty.

sterling silver march jonquil birth month flower earrings March (Jonquil) Birth Month Earrings
march birth month flower - jonquil About the Jonquil (Daffodil)...
A daffodil is also known as a jonquil or narcissus.  It is a symbol of rebirth - a sign of spring.  It is the flower for March because that is when the spring equinox begins.  It is the national flower of Wales because it blooms on March 1st, the feast day of the patron saint of Wales, St. David.
Avoid trampling on daffodils to bring good fortune.  The Arabians believe this flower as an aphrodisiac.
According to Greek legend, the young handsome Narcissus was walking close to a cold mountain pool that mirrored his beautiful face.  "You are handsome, Narcissus!" he told himself as he bent down to admire his reflection.  "There's nobody so handsome in the whole world! I'd love to kiss you."  As he leaned closer to kiss his own reflection he fell into the water, and drowned.  But when the god's discovered the most beautiful thing on earth had died, they decided such beauty could not be forgotten.  The gods turned Narcissus into a scented flower which, to this day blossoms in the mountains in spring and which is still called Narcissus.  The "drooping" of the daffodil symbolizes Narcissus still admiring himself.
Daffodils say, "The sun always shines when I am with you."  They signify cheerfulness, love, regard, wishes granted, chivalry and respect.
Daffodils should never be presented at a wedding, they will bring unhappy vanity to the bride.
If you are enclosed in a small space with this flower, the scent will induce a headache.  Both the Greeks and Egyptians related the flower with death - the Egyptians often hung wreaths of narcissus during funerals.  In medieval Europe, it was believed that if a daffodil drooped when you looked at it, it was an omen of death.


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